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What a Long-Dead Copywriter Knew About Medical Group Success


Robert Collier, one of the fathers of direct mail advertising, famously advised copywriters to enter the conversation already going on within the customer’s mind.

What?  You say you’re not in sales?

That’s obviously a problem because the reality, even more so today than ever, is that you are.

Collier’s advice is directly applicable to the relationship between medical groups and their partners and employees, and, particularly, in respect of the relationship between the group and each of its “customers:” referral sources, hospitals and other facilities, and patients.

The fact is that your customers don’t give a whit about you and your group, but they care immensely about their own self interests. Find those interests, those problems, those challenges, those profits, and provide value to your customer to advance those interests, and you’ve dramatically increased the chances of a mutually profitable relationship.

Not only is this essential to remaining relevant, positioning both your group’s message — the outward projection of your inner strategy — and the experience that your group provides, in the customer’s world is the key to having that message and experience resonate with the intended audience.

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