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The (Not So) Obvious Alternative to Cutbacks


The economy is in shambles and some say we’re headed into a double dip recession.

The Medicaid population is growing and the ranks of well insured are declining.

As Baby Boomers age, the Medicare population is growing.

If yours is an average group, you’re doing more work for less pay.  Chances are, you’re being asked to cut back on your income and on your expectations.

But just like with the economy in general, cutting back is one approach.  Growing your group’s business and increasing its income is another.  And I’m not simply talking about doing more volume for less money, I’m talking about expanding its scope, creating different value and reaping its reward.

This is a wildly different approach than that advocated by most medical specialty societies, which for the most part bemoan the financial position their members have been “put” in, acting as self reinforcing loops of low self esteem.

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