Hospital-Centric Healthcare

Stars Don’t Audition. Why Are You Responding to That RFP?


When I first began practice, I worked for a law firm that represented clients in the entertainment industry.

One thing that struck me from each morning’s required reading, Daily Variety, was that although it carried many announcements of auditions for minor roles, stars didn’t have to audition at all – in fact, the paper often reported how many scripts some star was reviewing: the buying/selling or supply/demand situation was completely flipped.

It’s hard to imagine a more common service commodity than actors in Los Angeles – they are everywhere: waiters, secretaries, office support staff, temps, and substitute teachers; in fact some even work as actors.

But some have differentiated themselves and are no longer in the same, well, solar system, they are “stars.”

How different in this regard are most hospital-based physician group members from actors?  Most are stuck, at least in their minds, in the commodity world.

But if stars don’t have to respond to the acting equivalent of RFPs, casting calls and auditions, why don’t you create an experience monopoly practice and do the same?

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