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Lewis and Clark on Medical Group – Hospital Deals


Lewis and Clark, yes, that Lewis and Clark, the explorers, can teach medical group leaders an important lesson in respect of negotiating with hospitials.

Journal Entry September 2, 1803

“Suppose it best to send out two or three men to engage some oxen or horses to assist us [in crossing the sandbar] obtain one horse and an ox, which enabled us very readily to get over . . . . paid the man his charge which was one dollar [that’s about $350 in today’s money]; the inhabitants who live near these [sand bars] live much by the distressed situation of the traveler, are generally lazy, charge extravagantly when they are called on for assistance and have no philanthropy or conscience.”

What’s the lesson?  You’ve got no room to bargain when the seller knows you need a horse.

Likewise, there’s no room to bargain when the hospital knows that your group’s continued existence depends on getting the deal.

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