Why Any Port Isn’t Good in a Storm

March 13, 2014

Right now there’s a storm of uncertainty targeting healthcare.

“Where will our patients come from?”

“What if our contract is terminated?”

“Will the hospital’s ACO exclude us?”

“Should we sell our practice?”

Many physicians and other healthcare providers are jumping at any deal they can find, believing that they are jumping to safety.

But just as not all deals in any other context are good deals, not all deals to acquire your practice, or to merge with it, or to employ you are good deals.

Bigger or larger or more providers or more locations do not, in and of themselves, make a stronger business. Think Sears plus Kmart.

Move, move decisively, but consider your alternatives and become as certain as you can be before jumping into what you think is a life raft. It might turn out to be just a pool toy.

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