Focus on the Future

Why Your Past Doesn’t Count

September 2, 2014

Many medical groups (actually, many of all sorts of businesses) shortchange their future as a result of their past.

It doesn’t matter if that past were highly successful, so-so, or even a complete disaster.

The problem is that the group’s leaders believe that the past determines the future. Yet, from information that’s readily available to us all, the past does no such thing. It’s neither a guaranty, nor a preventive, of future success.

But for a government bailout, General Motors’ years of success would never have gotten it past 2009.

Henry Ford ran his first two auto companies into the ground, and bankruptcy, before starting Ford Motor Company.

Set your sights on your desired future. Sure, tell yourself the truth about your current situation, but that situation is not an anchor. Don’t use the past, or even the present, to set your course. Use the power of your desired future to pull you toward it.

Take only that part of your past along on your trip as will be beneficial. Leave the rest behind or, even better, donate it to your competitors.

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