What’s Your Business Horizon?


Covenants not to compete. Cultivating new business opportunities.

Costs or investments?

It all depends on your business horizon.

Like the visible horizon, the apparent line that separates the earth from the sky, your business horizon is directly tied to height.

In the physical realm, the average size person sees the horizon out at approximately 2.9 miles. But climb up a bit higher than 300 feet and your horizon moves out to approximately 22 miles. At the top of Mt. Everest, your horizon moves out to 209 miles.

Metaphorically speaking, what’s your group’s business horizon. If you’re only able to see until the end of year parceling out of all dollars remaining in the group, everything will appear as a cost. Your future is self limited.

Many of your competitors, especially the large ones, have bigger dreams, bigger goals, bigger strategies. What other groups see as costs, they see as investments propelling them forward.

The irony is that, at the outset, height of thinking has nothing to do with business size. Rather, it’s thinking that determines size and success.

Change your thinking.

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