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The Coming Explosion in Your Business


We used to get bomb threats all the time.

Far too often, medical groups – in fact, closely held businesses of all kinds – have bombs, of sorts, within them, too.

Not the kind that blow up physically, thank God, but the kind that blow up emotionally and financially. Maybe they’re neutron bombs: they destroy the business but leave the building standing.

These bombs are of a few different sorts: They are disruptive individuals. They are individuals who later become disgruntled and cause damage. And they are, quite unfortunately, poorly crafted and drafted provisions within the entity’s organizational documents in respect of expulsion, and the price, both in dollars and in time (and, therefore, in damage) to be paid upon expulsion.

Oftentimes, these disgruntled or disruptive members are already signaling what they’re going to do and the damage that they are going to cause – in essence, they’re calling in their own bomb threats.

Years ago, when I worked in that building in Beverly Hills with a consulate on a floor below, the threatening calls would come in and we’d all evacuate the building – rushing to the park on the next block.

There, we’d wait for the explosion. Just like too many of you, now.

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