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Want a Stock Tip?


Want a great stock tip?

No, I’m not offering one. Instead, this is a question that I hear from time to time from physician group leaders.

Obviously, these guys see the advantage of investing.

Or do they? I really wonder, because it’s almost a certainty that they do not invest in themselves – that is, they do not invest in their own medical group.

Instead, their groups are run as if they are cash cows and are generally milked until they are dry. With no true working capital, no culture of investing in themselves, these groups are, in the long or perhaps even short run, doomed to fail.

They will never be able to build reserves to create the infrastructure needed to survive in the healthcare world not simply of the future, but of the present. They will never be able to withstand cash flow crunches. They will never be real businesses.

The need to “diversify” is not an excuse when you fail to make any investment in yourself.

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