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The Two Classes of Hospital Based Medical Group Disruptors


Most hospital based physician groups aren’t committed to success at all, they’re just committed to wanting to be left alone, to staying the same.

But that’s impossible.

There are two classes of major practice disruptors lurking:

  1. Large staffing/management services masquerading as national groups.
  2. The disgruntled members of your own group who will destroy you.

The staffing/management services devote large budgets to advertising and marketing, and hire telemarketers to cold call your hospital. Their campaigns shout quality, quality, quality, but that they shout is often very different from what they deliver — and that’s their weakness.

Disgruntled members within your group are potentially an even bigger problem, a cancer that will eat you from within — and that’s your weakness.

Combined, the siren call of the staffing services sales force and the cancerous calamity caused by your partners and subcontractors who should have, but haven’t been, amputated, are a fatal mix.

Immunize your practice now.  Accept the fact that change is happening — that it’s happening to you unless you make it happen for you.

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