Because All Business Isn’t Good Business

May 12, 2014

You’ve seen it before. Some customer in a store is bitching and moaning about something. I’m not saying that he might not have a point. But the way he goes on and on and on, the way that he’s rude to the store staff, it’s just too much.

So, the customer isn’t always right: Not right about what he or she is complaining about and especially not right for you if you own the store. His or her business isn’t good business, it’s a drain on you profit-wise and it’s a drain on you emotionally.

In very similar form, not all of your medical group’s business is good business. From draining relationships with referring physicians, to draining relationships with physicians to whom you refer, to draining relationships with hospitals and facilities.

The problem is made worse if you’ve painted yourself into a corner: you have only one relationship in a category. The poster child for this problem is a hospital-based group that has only one exclusive contract. Or a medical group of any sort that’s dependent on a relationship with one hospital or referral source.

If that “partner” becomes bad business, it’s not only that all business isn’t good business, it’s that all business is bad business.

Start strategizing for your future now. It’s just around the corner.

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