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The King Is Dead. Long Live The ???


On one of those “this month in history” sites, I learned that January 2014 is the 221st anniversary of the execution of the French King Louis XVI. From exulted to executed in one or two, depending on whose version of history you choose, chops.

A similar fate befalls many businesses. Consider, for example, the changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s component companies over the past 20 years. Or the half-life of companies’ stints on the Fortune 500.

Consider that your group’s relationship with a hospital, the odds of any hospital’s financial survival, and the long term future, or lack thereof, of many now on top of the healthcare business heap, are just as subject to decay with time.

No, this post isn’t about woe. It’s about the need to change with the times. The need for your group to strategize for a future that will, on its own, not remain on an upward or even level trajectory for all time to come.

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