Manage Your Practice Value

Why There’s Always More


Doing push-ups this morning, I tried to keep in mind the fact that there is always more left in the “tank;” we can do far more than we think we can.

The same holds true in your medical group. There’s always more that you can do to improve its health. To strengthen its position. To improve its chances of survival and beyond.

Take, for example, becoming active in medical staff affairs, both to strengthen your ties to the facility, to develop political support from colleagues which might, no, will come in handy, and to burnish the value that a facility, a referral source, or a potential buyer places on your practice.

As I’ve written many times, technical excellence in medical practice is simply the price of admission on having a future. All of what you see as “additional” value added is, in reality, where the true value is formed. And, it’s totally within your control.

We think we can’t do more, but the reality is that there’s always another 10 push-ups and then another 10, or maybe eight, left.

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