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Medical Groups’ Two Major Problems


I see two very common problems with medical groups.

They move too slow.

They do what everyone else does.

In this market – a still-sick economy, the push toward ACOs and other so-called “alignment,” and the other ills of Obamacare – many are pushing toward becoming large.  But large makes them fragile — prone to eventual failure — they just don’t realize it.

Instead, you want to develop speed — speed in making decisions, speed in setting strategy, speed in adjusting strategy, speed in implementing tactics.

Too much hassle? Just want to treat patients? Then just close up your practice and go get a job.

Look, the end game is going to be won through speed and innovation, not size.

Sure, almost everyone else is going to say you’re wrong, that that’s not what everyone else is doing.

But that’s why they’re average — they are doing what everyone else is doing.

You need to take a hammer to average.

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