Do You Know Your “One Weird Trick to Losing Belly Fat?”


There is one weird trick and it can be yours and it has nothing to do with belly fat but everything to do with increasing your practice’s or business’s success.

Clickbait. Although the term is often used as a pejorative, it describes an impactful statement that’s designed to grab your attention, pulling you in to click on a web link.

In other words, it’s highly effective communication in the form of a headline.

Forget about whether, in the online sense, the writer is trying to sell you garbage or a true medical miracle. That’s not the point. The point is that the headline works to get attention for the rest of the communication.

What are you doing to get attention for your practice or business? Attention from your referral sources, from your patients, from hospitals? I’m not (necessarily) talking about a billboard next to the Interstate; I’m talking about on any level?

I met someone at a conference; let’s call him “Bob.” He was the head of a hospital-based medical group. He said something like, “Mark, my strategy is to lay low. The less the administration hears from us, the better. The CEO just wants things to run smoothly. If she sees me, it’ll just be an opportunity for her to complain.”

No, Bob, invisibility isn’t the key to business success.

To the contrary, you have to draw attention to what your group is doing for your “customers,” from patients, to referral sources, to facilities: This is what we’re doing. Here is why we’re doing it. This is why it’s good for you. This is why we care. This is why we’re here for you when you need us.

Five weeks from now, some patient is going to decide whether to make an appointment with her family practitioner or to go to the walk-in clinic at Wal-Mart. Five weeks from now, some hospital CEO is going to get a flyer from a large anesthesia group that tells him that his current anesthesia group is disorganized, greedy and lazy. Five weeks from now, someone is going to decide whether or not to create a hospital-sponsored cardiac clinic headed by your competitor from across town.

I’m not suggesting that you can simply draw attention to your practice or business and not deliver a quality service or product.

Rather, I’m telling you that delivering quality in the vacuum of invisibility is like the tree that falls in the forest. Does it make a sound? Who cares? No one is around to hear it.

Make your message heard. Make yourself and what you can do known.

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Mark F. Weiss

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