“Physicians, Lower Your Expectations” and Other Manipulation

July 7, 2015

I wish I could remember where I read it. But I can’t.

His comment still sticks in my craw. The so-called expert said something like, “In the new economy, physicians need to lower their income expectations.”


To enable hospitals to hire you for less and increase their profit? So that payors can refuse to increase reimbursement? Because you are really a sacrificial lamb on the altar of patient care, set to be beaten to death by guilt?

“Lowered expectations” and “fair share” and “reasonable compensation” are concepts designed to allow someone else to steal from you. So, too, is, “Just practice medicine while we run the business.”

Raise your expectations. Not because you are entitled to receive more for less or even for the same thing. But because by raising your expectations you’ll look for, and implement, ways to expand your business opportunities, deliver more value, and increase your income.

Most of you won’t do it. The world is filled to the brim with people who actually believe that their future is smaller, with people who will, indeed, lower their expectations.

But that’s OK, because you’ll need someone to work for you.

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Mark F. Weiss

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