Keeping Up Appearances: Verisimilitude


Verisimilitude:  The appearance of being true or real.

Unfortunately, it’s not the fact that your medical group is actually the “best,” which, indeed, it might well be, that governs your group’s success. Rather, it’s whether the hospital, or referring physicians, or patients believe that you’re the best.

Create that perception. It does not happen by itself.

This also is the case for individual physicians within a medical group.  When your group’s leaders see you as among the most valuable group members, when it comes time to make a decision concerning value, you will be rewarded.

Think of it this way: If you were in charge and had to let someone go other than for a seminal event (like shooting a colleague — only slightly tongue in cheek), you’d fire a person whom you believe is delivering low value to the group. But that belief is based on perception.

Sure, those who actually deliver low value can create the perception of higher value. But, unfortunately, its very common for those who actually do deliver great medical care, who are interested in the group’s, as well as their own, success, to not do anything to burnish their reputation as a high-value group member.

Perhaps they believe that their excellence is enough.

It’s not.

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