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Hurry Up and Fail!

September 11, 2013

I fail all the time. You should, too. If you want to get ahead.

Think about the hospital. Someone comes up with an idea. They form a committee to consider it. Members are drafted. Dates for meetings are set a month or two out. Agendas are prepared. Maybe they hold a couple of hearings with the “affected stakeholders,” whatever in heck that means.

Even if they approve the idea, they’ve wasted months. And because of the compromise inherent in any committee process, the idea has probably been watered down.

Now think about an entrepreneur. He’ll come up with an idea and can get the thing started the same day or at least within a week.

Sure, it may be a bad idea. He may stumble. He may fall. But the value is there whether its a success or a failure. Because for an entrepreneur, failing forward faster is almost as important as success the first time around. That’s because of the lessons inherent in failure.

So what if it failed? Let’s start something new all over again! Sooner or later, you’ll stumble on something that works!

Sure, in connection with patient care you don’t want to fail. OK, I’ll give you that. But in the larger scope of the success of your business and of your own career success, if you’re focused on perfection you’re really failing: you’re failing at failing. And, as I’ve said, failing at failing is failing at success.

Maybe I failed at this post? I don’t really care. I’ve got another new idea and I’m off to try it now.

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