Bean Counters 1, Patients 0

July 1, 2013

Japanese baseball was in a slump. With home runs down and the game seeing attendance dropping due to cited boredom, things sprang back to life this year: the number of home runs spiked and fans went wild once again.

But what was the cause of this good fortune for the league and its team owners?

After denying that their luck had anything to do with a “fixed” ball, it turned out that it had everything to do with it: League officials had instructed the official ball manufacturer to alter the ball’s core to give it more “bounce” against the bat.

In the healthcare world being ushered in by Obamacare, measurement of “care” will count for more than the actual care itself.

And soon, when the measuring doesn’t pan out as expected by the hospital or by the government, expect them to change what’s being measured, to give the metaphorical ball a little more bounce, so to speak.

The stats will look great, the CEO will get a bonus, and no one will suffer…at least no one who counts in the new equation.

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