Exclusive Contracts

What a $24.3 Million Judgment Tells You About a Potential Tool to Fight Unfair Awards of Exclusive Contracts

An interesting case illustrates a potential new tool in the arsenal to fight against fixed hospital exclusive contracts and, potentially, against the consultants who helped put lipstick on the pig. Many hospital-based groups have been there: the situation in which a longstanding relationship with a hospital, whether or not via exclusive contract, is disrupted, in […]

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Group Culture | Podcast

The Devaluation of Value-Based Billing – Podcast

“Value based billing” remains dominant in the medical industry news, chiefly from the MACRA angle. Mostly, though, it’s a lie because value is determined by the customer, not by some bean counter at CMS. Sure, CMS may be paying the bill for Medicare patients, but the patients are the actual customers and only they can assess whether value was truly delivered.

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