Group Culture Philosophy

Are We There Yet?


“Are we there yet?”

What parent hasn’t heard those words?

The family decides to go to grandma’s or to Lake Suchandsuch. So you pile into the car and off you go.

Then five minutes later, little Bobby or Sally begins asking the dreaded question, “are we there yet?”

Your medical group decides to pursue a deal with Group X or Hospital Z. The group’s leaders chart the course and begin to implement. Then, just like comments from little Bobby or Sally from the backseat, one or two of the group’s other physicians begin to question the course or complain that the leaders aren’t making fast enough progress.

Just like Bobby or Sally, the passengers begin driving the driver crazy.

If, and it’s a big if, a group’s governance structure is such that members at large are included in setting the course for your group’s future, once those plans are made, then the group’s leaders, the ones driving, have to be given the latitude to do just that.

Sure, you might not reach the desired destination or you might not get there on time, but in business there are lessons to be learned from that attempt and if it fails you just choose another destination and try again.

What parent hasn’t said “please be quiet and enjoy the ride” (or some stronger variant . . .) to little Bobby or Sally?

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