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Socialism is Alive and Well Within Medical Groups


Socialism is alive and well, and I’m not simply talking about the socialistic charade of Hugo Chavez.

Instead, I’m talking about the employee or subcontracted members of your group who, even though they are being paid every penny due to them pursuant to their employment agreement or subcontract, have the misguided mindset that “there is money missing” or that the partners are “stealing money,” as if any purportedly “missing” or “stolen” money would, in any event, be theirs.

Perhaps this is simply a symptom of a larger societal problem: the cancer of social justice which is simply a pig-in-a-skirt term for an entitlement attitude magnified to the level of socially acceptable theft.

But whatever it is, it’s a cancer within your group.  If allowed to fester, it will, at best, cause dissension within the ranks.  At worst, it will result in employees and subcontractors running off to hospital administration to complain about their “unfair” treatment, the likely result of which will be their use by the administrator as weapons to destabilize your group’s leadership structure.

Yes, to use another socialist analogy, this time from the other side, your employees and subcontractors will be used as useful idiots to destroy your leadership and, in the long run, to destroy the idiots themselves.

If your patient had cancer it would be removed.  If your group has cancer . . .

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