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Is There This Disconnect Within Your Medical Group?


If you want to go to the movies but your spouse wants to go to a play, you’ve reached an impasse. But that’s simply a minor issue, one that can, of course, grow.

But if you always want to go to the movies and your spouse never does, while your spouse always wants to go to plays but you never do, then you have a much bigger problem.

Now shift this over to any business organization, in your case, probably your medical group. The same dynamic appears when one partner or one set of partners wants to move the business in one direction while the others want to go in another, or even more likely, don’t want to go in any direction at all.

If this were your weekend basketball team, you’d be concerned.

It’s your life, treat is as seriously.

Consider a twenty-some person medical group with polarized groups of members. At one end of the spectrum, some of the owners want to expand the group to other sites and to aggressively compete for new business. At the other end, no one wants to expend a cent — just keep the distributions to the owners as high as possible.

We all know that there are tectonic shifts impacting the healthcare industry. If your group can’t develop a strategy for its future because of internal dissension, then, by default, you’re allowing someone else — the hospital, the government, your competitors — to choose a future for you. (It won’t be very pretty.)

Resolve the impasse or resolve to choose another career path, because this one’s a dead end.

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