Customer Service Value

“Thrival” Tip No. 2 – Maximize the Value of Touchpoints With Patients


Every touchpoint a physician or medical group has with a patient is an opportunity to build the relationship — it’s also an opportunity to dramatically increase the chances, and speed, of patient collections.

Co-pays and cash-pays may be a small percentage of your income, but if you’re not interested in them, you can just give them to me.  I’m not kidding, but you get the point.

So what can be done to increase the chances that you’ll get paid and build the relationship at the same time?  Especially for radiology, pathology and anesthesiology groups whose services are often either “invisible” or unrecognized as a physician (as opposed to hospital) service, but true for any practice, think of what “take aways” can be delivered to your patients before they receive your bill.  What contact can be had with them prior to service?  How can they be educated on the value of your services, not just the price?

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