Preserving the Past


Tension, lots of tension about what to do, but that doesn’t mean that always doing nothing is the right response.

It’s certainly true that knowing what not to do, from individual actions to projects that could be pursued but which are passed on, is as important as taking affirmative action on those projects that will be pursued. At the same time, however, this is a very different concept from devoting close to all of your attention on preserving your current position which, really is equivalent to preserving the past.

Physician groups are under tremendous pressure, the bull’s-eye of the target toward which the arrows of ACOs, hospital-centric healthcare, physician employment, Obamacare, national group competition, and more, are aimed.

What’s needed is for group leaders to devote significant time to how they’re going to transform their businesses to not only evade those attacks, but to capture new ground themselves.

I’m not suggesting that groups abandon their present relationships – certainly, you need to hedge more speculative ventures with a strong base. But query how strong that base really is.

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