Psst, Wanna Buy a Watch? The Myth of Security in Hospital Employment


Growing up in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, it was a common assumption that going to college and getting a job with a large company was the key to financial security. How did that work out for the millions of corporate employees who saw their jobs disappear when their companies failed, when they were laid off in a downsizing (oh, sorry, “right sizing”), or simply replaced by someone who’d work for less?

Today many so-called experts are telling physicians that the key to financial security is in close alignment with – read that as employment by – hospitals.

Do they really think you’re that blind?

Sorry, but there is no security, at least nothing absolute, nothing that can be assured you. Large organizations are not more stable than small ones. There are very few, if any economies of scale.

No matter what, you are bearing the risk. Wouldn’t you rather hedge your chances by having more control over your destiny?

Being free to practice medicine without the attendant worries of running a business is the recruiting poster for those who want to pay you at the median of last year’s salary survey, a continuously decreasing sum.

It’s a con, a long con, and you’re the mark.

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