The Business of Healthcare Thriving

Does Your Group Believe in Itself?


Too many medical groups simply don’t believe in themselves.

How else could you explain why a group leader would spend $600 on dinner but not $300,000 to preserve the group’s $20,000,000 a year business?

The first offers little to no ROI (it does provide a few hours of satisfaction and some nutrients) while the other would yield a 6,500% return over first year alone. Try getting that at the bank.

It’s not the price tag. Depending on the medical specialty, the $20,000,000 a year group devotes well over $300,000 to many categories on the expense-side.

Perhaps it’s the naïve belief that the group’s business will simply continue, year after year, like some perpetual motion machine, powered only by the first push.

Or perhaps it’s the failure to realize that not devoting the proper resources to your future is the far more expensive alternative.

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