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I’ve written before about the importance of customer service (see, for example, my blog posts of  September 26, 2009, and June 3, 2009, or my article Securing Customer Satisfaction).

Many medical groups have trouble focusing on improving customer service, and in getting their providers to implement tactics to support the group’s customer service strategy, because they view customer service as something that solely benefits the customer.

Although it’s true, by definition, that customer service is customer-centric, it’s also of high value to the servicer, on many levels.

Providing high-value customer service to patients, referring physicians and facilities, is a significant part of creating an experience monopoly that serves to protect and preserve your competitive position and contractual relationships.

A focus on customer service becomes a lever to improve the group’s overall performance, thus delivering a multiplier effect.

It may be difficult to start up, but once a system is in place it creates its own inertia.

Importantly, it creates an atmosphere that is far less stressful in the long run, and far more fun.