Why You Have to Build a Bigger Future

September 28, 2015

Sessile animals, for example, sponges or coral, live their lives fixed in one place. Food comes to them.

You might think that they’ve got it made. But, in an emergency, as when their natural defenses fail them, almost none have the ability to move. It’s all over.

Many medical practices are in the same position. They’re sessile in terms of psychology and business model. Their physicians, whether one or one hundred, practice at the same location, often in the same way, for years, for decades, for careers. Instead of having twenty-five years’ experience, it’s likely that they have one to five years’ experience repeated five to twenty-five times.

Life’s good and “efficient,” a common meme in healthcare. But, like a sponge, when conditions change, they can neither change with the times nor change location, at least not until it’s too late.

Your current situation may be comfortable and even highly profitable. But time marches on and it’s not likely that your current situation will remain unaffected.

The only way that you and your medical group can survive is to constantly work on building a future that’s bigger than your current present. It’s not growth for growth’s sake, it’s growth for your own survival.

When sponges die, someone else mops up with them. I doubt that that’s your desired future.

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