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The Advantage is To . . .


Speed and size are often an advantage, but in some situations, and in some markets, they’re not. For medical groups, the current healthcare market is one of them.

For example, pointing to the work of John Boyd, speed alone in terms of fighter jets isn’t the key; it’s speed, plus maneuverability, plus the ability to quickly increase and quickly decrease speed. Similarly, we’re all familiar with the concept of the inability of a large ship to change direction quickly.

For entrepreneurial medical groups, relatively smaller size can be a tremendous advantage in an uncertain and unclear market. That’s the market we’re in now.. But that’s only the case if the group’s leadership has in place the governance structure to enable it to make and implement decisions quickly. And of course, that’s only the case if those in leadership roles have the time, ability and inclination to actually exercise their power.

How maneuverable is your group? Titanic heading for an iceberg or highly maneuverable speedboat?

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