The 83% and Concierge Care


Whether it’s the 83% reported in the press or even half of that, many physicians are questioning their career strategies in light of the Supreme Court’s upholding of the individual mandate within Obamacare.

It appears certain that an increasing number of physicians will be disappointed with Obamacare and the burdensome requirements of its bureaucracy.

From my experience working with concierge type family and internal medicine practices – no insurance accepted, high touch high-quality care – it appears as if there will be a growing market among the professional and executive classes as well as the truly rich for something outside of cattle call medical care.

But what about specialists? Can a cardiologist or a hand surgeon adopt the same kind of practice? In some instances and in some locales it is entirely possible. But in others, even they can’t go “no insurance” on their own, they might be able to create a similar business through alignment with primary care doctors in a concierge network.

Yes, I can hear someone saying that medicine is a profession not a business.

But unless you begin thinking like an entrepreneur, you just might find yourself becoming a government employee.

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