The 83% and Concierge Care

Whether it’s the 83% reported in the press or even half of that, many physicians are questioning their career strategies in light of the Supreme Court’s upholding of the individual mandate within Obamacare. It appears certain that an increasing number of physicians will be disappointed with Obamacare and the burdensome requirements of its bureaucracy. From […]

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Cohesive Group | Group Culture | Philosophy

Et Tu, Dr. Brute?

I recently spoke with a former group leader, who will go unnamed.

It had taken him years to build up a successful hospital-based practice with dozens of physician providers. Over the course of those years, he worked hard to build what he thought was a strong relationship with the administration of the hospital at which the group provided services.  And, over the course of those years, he worked hard to keep competing groups at bay, protecting his group’s tenure at the facility.

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