The Business of Healthcare

JetBlue-ing up Your Practice

August 11, 2010

The bizarre story of the JetBlue flight attendant who, after an altercation with a passenger, made a profanity-laden speech over the plane’s intercom, grabbed beer from the galley, opened the plane’s door and slid down the emergency evacuation chute, just got even more strange:  He’s become a web sensation, lauded by other self-absorbed losers for his refusal to take it any more.

Many medical groups have their own, physician versions of the flight attendant, prone at any moment to go off on a patient, nurse or colleague.   I guaranty you that no one of sane mind will think it’s funny.

Your relationship with the hospital, your exclusive contract, your group’s referrals and your group’s standing in the larger community will be put at risk.

What are you doing now to prevent this potential situation from blowing up your practice?  What is your back up plan in the event that your preventive action fails?

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