Future of Healthcare

Isn’t It Time to Re-Brand Non-Profit Hospitals?


Words matter. They are the bullets in the fight for public perception, in the battle for change.

So, I think it’s high time to re-brand non-profit hospitals. We should begin calling them non-taxpaying hospitals.

As I’m sure you’re familiar, new physician owned hospitals are prohibited from participating in Medicare and Medicaid. There are significant restrictions on existing, grandfathered participating physician owned hospitals.

Just recently, I read an article quoting a non-profit hospital association spokesman who bemoaned the fact that physician owned facilities exist to make profits while non-profit hospitals don’t. He said that physicians were putting profits ahead of patients.

What’s wrong with making a profit? Even the so-called nonprofits need to make a profit to remain in business.

Non-profit hospitals are simply businesses that make profits but don’t pay taxes on them. On top of that, they want to protect the market from competition.

Isn’t it time that the non-taxpayers pay their fair share?

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