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Et Tu, Dr. Brute?

I recently spoke with a former group leader, who will go unnamed.

It had taken him years to build up a successful hospital-based practice with dozens of physician providers. Over the course of those years, he worked hard to build what he thought was a strong relationship with the administration of the hospital at which the group provided services.  And, over the course of those years, he worked hard to keep competing groups at bay, protecting his group’s tenure at the facility.

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Cohesive Group

Medical Groups – Utilizing a Unit Concept to Drive Success

Hospital-based medical groups shouldn’t simply conceptualize their practice as one business. If you’re a medical group leader, you must view your practice as consisting of several independent, yet coordinated, units, each of which requires a separate focus. So, for example: There is a group owner unit There is an employee/subcontractor unit There is a hospital unit There is a […]

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