It’s Not the Ides of March, But Watch Out for Dr. Brute.
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It’s Not the Ides of March, But Watch Out for Dr. Brute.


It had taken him years to build up a successful hospital-based practice with scores of physician providers. Over the course of those years, he worked hard to build what he thought was a strong relationship with the administration of the hospital at which the group provided services.  And, over the course of those years, he worked hard to keep competing groups at bay, protecting his group’s tenure at the facility.

But what the leader didn’t count on having to concern himself with was one of his partners. Let’s call him Dr. Brute.

You see, in the course of a contract renewal battle, Dr. Brute cut a deal with the competing group, paving the way for the preservation of his job no matter who got the contract.  And, the other group did take over the contract, destroying years of work and tens of millions of dollars of value.

You protect your patients every day. You need to spend some time protecting the integrity of your group, as well.

The process begins during the recruiting process. You need to recruit for integrity, not just medical expertise.

You need to elevate to partner status only those individuals who are true partners, not simply wolves in sheep’s clothing, not conspirators in your own senate. And, you need to create a structure that includes as-enforceable-as-possible restraints on competition and which fosters the creation of fiduciary duties.

Sure, there might be pressure on you to put recruits on the fast track to partnership in a staffing shortage climate. But beware short term solutions to long term problems. If you forget that, you’ll have no right, when the knife ends up in your back, to exclaim “et tu, Dr. Brute?”

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