St. Bully Medical Center

February 1, 2012


We’re not talking Teddy Roosevelt, we’re talking intimidation.

There’s been a lot of talk about bullying of hospital staff by physicians and even of bullying by nurses of junior staff and of younger physicians.  Hospitals, through their personnel function, and medical staffs, by way of medical staff discipline and physician wellbeing, are expected to police this behavior.

But what about hospitals that tolerate or even institute cultures of corruption, cultures that incentivise nurses and other staff members to intimidate physicians through incident reports that are judged administratively, outside of medical staff due process?

As the relationship between physicians and hospitals becomes more strained due to hospital-centric notions of healthcare, hospitals are becoming more coercive in thinning the medical staff ranks of independent physicians and twisting arms in order to get the other arms voting for closer “collaboration.”

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