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I See Zombies Every Day


I don’t get the zombie thing on TV commercials. But I see zombies every day.

We had to sit in class for most of the day when I was in elementary school. Sitting still was apparently the lesson plan. It sure wasn’t the school work.

Perhaps that’s why so many people look to others to be told what to do. Or they think someone is actually looking out for them. They’re still children, socially and economically. Take care of me, please. I deserve it. It takes a village and that village is going to take care of me. No, it’s not.

This isn’t just limited to those working unionized factory jobs. “You can’t fire me because I’m protected.” The reality is that you’re trapped by two masters, the employer and the union, and neither wants you to really succeed. The employer wants you to work. The union wants you to pay dues. Both want you to do as you are told. Johnny, don’t fidget. Sit still.

Today more physicians than ever before are opting for factory work. Employment by hospitals. It’s easy. Less paperwork (really?). It’s safe. Until you are laid off. Until you are fired. Until you are subjected to medical staff discipline because you don’t follow orders.

The kind of zombies I see are real. They eat human flesh. They consume their own lives, their future, and those dependent upon them.

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