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Physician Control of Hospitals from the Virus’s Point of View


Fighting viruses blinds you to their point of view. Get inside and replicate.

That’s how groups often lose their contracts. A member of the group becomes disgruntled. He stages a revolt. He is now in charge of the group with the contract.

This isn’t about how to block that virus. That’s another topic.

Instead, think about how physicians should replicate the virus on a larger scale.

Hospitals are busy “aligning” physicians.

Why not take control of the hospital?

Congress has legislated away new physician majority-owned hospitals from Medicare participation. It didn’t legislate away control.

And just as easily as Congress legislated out physician-owned hospitals it can legislate in that hospitals must be controlled by physicians.


If you think it is impossible then it is. But if you think like that microscopic virus that destroyed the patient’s body, it’s not.

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