Hospital-Centric Healthcare

A Tip About Physician Alignment


Although, unfortunately, it’s too late for physicians to rally against the imposition of Obamacare (but never too late to lend support to those who will repeal it), it’s not too late to see that unless physicians plot their own future, the hospitals (and the government and, to the extent they will long exist…that’s another topic…health insurers) have a future planned for you.

There’s a tipping point reached in a community once a significant number of physicians are “aligned” – the result is that the physicians on the outside of “alignment” don’t receive enough referrals and go away, while those on the inside are surely commoditized and can be replaced more easily than ever.

Clinical alignment is a great thing. Complete economic alignment is stupid.

[A shout out to Renee Slater, CPA for the email exchange that led to this posting.]

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