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Why Do Medical Society Leaders Assume Failure?


When I read the practice management presentation topics of many organized medical societies, I’m stunned by the degree of victimhood and of loss of choice assumed.

Topics such as how to deal with engulfment by the ACO, negotiating with the management company selected by the hospital, and selling out to the hospital.

Why do the leaders of these organizations assume that an unwanted system can be imposed on their members?

Not every profession or specialty has a future.  Job openings for ice deliverymen plummeted with the invention of Freon and the popularity of home refrigerators.  It would have done little good for ice deliverymen to protest.

Is this what these medical group leaders are saying?  That there is no future for their members?

Or, is there a future, but the leaders aren’t leaders, they are collaborators?  Healthcare collaborators, that is.

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