Psychology of Success

Is It Certain to Work?

February 14, 2014

“But can you tell me that it’s certain to work?”

How many times have you heard that, both in your personal life and, of course, professionally? Patients wanting to know whether a course of treatment is sure to cure. Investments that are sure to work out.

As the business of healthcare becomes more complex, many physicians are seeking certainty. I’ll just take a job, it’s safer than private practice. Why would you think that? I’ll just sell my practice and work for the group that used to be my competitor. Why do you think that’s the preferable route?

The truth is, there is no absolute certainty. That, for example, is why medical malpractice cases require proof of negligence – it’s not strict liability such that you’re liable for anything that goes wrong. Life just isn’t that certain.

The key in connection with business decisions is to gather enough information, that is, a reasonable amount of information, assess it through various filters and then make a decision. Sure, there’s a chance that it might be wrong. But there always is. Then you make another decision. Very few decisions are actually irrevocable, they just seem that way for the moment.

In this market, if you don’t engage in this process, someone else will make the decision for you. Oh, that is a certainty.

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