How Strong is Your Medical Group’s Foundation?

November 5, 2012

Contrary to the misfortune that befell the first little pig — you know, the one who built his house out of straw — I’ve recently learned that it’s actually quite possible to build a solid home from bales of straw.

That is, as  long as it’s resting on a solid foundation.

Many medical groups, especially hospital-based groups (but the lesson is becoming ever more important for office-based practices as well), have set, or, rather, bet, their future on the foundation of a single hospital.

How stable is that foundation?

Is the hospital going to survive? Will the hospital shift its own foundation and replace your group?

No matter how strong you build your structure, straw, wood or bricks, make sure that you didn’t construct it simply on someone else’s foundation.  How smart is that?

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