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Are You Just Taping up Problems?


I was finally on the plane. The flight was already 3 hours late to take off. And then the flight attendant announced that one of the overhead luggage bins had a broken latch. The plane could not take off until it was fixed. A mechanic was called.

About 15 minutes later, the mechanic boarded the plane. The overhead bin was emptied. He played around with the latch. Then he pulled out a form and began filling it in. And filling it in. And filling it in. For approximately 20 minutes.

He then pulled out a roll of tape and taped the bin closed — that took about 10 seconds. He left.

Are you simply taping up your medical group’s problems? Quick and easy (that’s fine) but destined not to last.

If so, the tape is sure to come loose, causing the problem to bang right down again on your head, with far greater consequences.

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