Your Ideal Future — What Does It Look Like?


What does your ideal future look like?

Feel silly thinking about this?  It’s normal.

Is your ideal future achievable?  Maybe … but probably not.  But that’s not the point of the exercise.  The point is to set a goal, a point in space and in time from which you can look back to today – to metaphorically shout, “Look, I’m here, come and join me!” to yourself and, once you learn to communicate the vision, to your colleagues.

Let me show you how easy this really is.  Think back to when you started your career; five, ten, thirty, fifty years ago – it doesn’t matter.  If you’re just starting out, think back to when you were just starting college.  Think about the milestones along the way, both the ups and the downs, as you’ve made what is in all probability a dramatic increase, no matter how you measure it.

Now, imagine yourself at the age of your starting point.  Consider the incredible increment of change from that point to today – you would have considered it remarkable . . . yet today it’s totally normal.  If you’re like most people, you’ve already made tremendous multiples of progress over this past.

Once you realize that you’ve already done it, it’s not difficult imagining a new tenfold or twentyfold or even hundredfold transformational future.

So what’s that future look like?

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