Why Play By the Rules?

February 3, 2014

Why simply play by the rules?

Study. Work hard. Start at the bottom. Climb the ladder. Wait your turn. This is how it’s always been done.

The rules are set by those who’ve come before you. Perhaps by those folks who have never tried. Or, those who tried and failed and quit. Or those who succeeded and made it. A strange committee, you say? No, they have so much in common: none of them want you to succeed, or, at least, to succeed too easily.

Those who never tried or who have tried and failed and quit don’t want you to show them what they already know: that they allowed themselves to live mediocre lives.

Those who’ve succeeded, whether or not by the the rules they profess to you, want to protect their turf.

Screw the rules.

I’m not telling you to do something immoral. Or illegal. Just ignore the societal rules that exist simply to cut you down. To make you average. To benchmark you.

Focus on the goal. Focus on your future as you imagine it. And use that future as a magnet to pull you toward it.

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