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Why Change?

February 24, 2014

I was now in the river, being propelled toward the rocks.

Why are so many physicians amazed by the occurrence of change in healthcare, when change happens all the time?

A radiologist complains that orthopedic surgeons are now doing ultrasounds of joints. An anesthesiologist is amazed that her group just received notice that its exclusive contract won’t be renewed.

Change is always happening.

It’s like me being in that river that’s always moving. The river was going to change my direction from upstream 50 yards from the rocks right into the rocks so that my face was smashed and I would drown, or I was going to change my direction fast and survive to write this.

So you see, there are two kinds of change. Change that you make happen and change that happens to you.

You need to deal with both kinds of change. Now.

You must plan for the change that happens to you. What can you do, based on the situation as it exists, to deal with that change?

And even more importantly, you must strategize for the change that you will make happen. What future do you desire and how can use that future to pull you toward it’s accomplishment?

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