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There’s No Profit in “Look What They Did To Us”


Many physician group leaders look at events and circumstances impacting their practice as something that is happening to their group.

By definition, this orientation is external – on the something that is happening to them.

Instead, in this context, group leader orientation should be internal: it should be on what they as group leaders, together with their colleagues in their group, can do to have more control over their business future.  That is the key that distinguishes strategic thinking from its polar opposite, purely reactive tactics.

You may not have complete control over what others do, but you do have control over your group’s internal circumstances which control the impact others’ actions have on you.  You also have control over how you choose to react to whatever is done.

Create an overriding strategy for your group. Carry it out and create options for your future. Then when someone – the hospital, a competitor, the government – does something, you will have a plan or alternatives in place.

That’s certainly a lot harder than blaming someone else, but it is far more profitable.

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