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Swimming With the Stream or Swimming Upstream?


The healthcare tide is strong: pushing forward hospital-centric healthcare, accountable care organizations, and governmental meddling.

But what way are you swimming toward your future? Are you swimming with the tide or against it?

Certainly, some trends are strong and will continue to play out no matter how hard you fight against them. For those interested in swimming with the tide, the strategy required involves aligning yourself with the tide, but doing so in a remarkable way.

So, for example, we have those cases in which physician groups have entered into equal partnerships with hospitals in terms of truly aligned delivery systems.

Others will choose to swim in the opposite direction, not directly into the trends, but around them.

For example, the psychiatrist who’s escaped the relatively low income of his specialty to open specialized centers across the country.

No matter which way you swim, there’s money to be made either way.

But what’s required of you are both a decision on the direction in which you’ll swim, followed by the exertion of effort to move in that direction.

If you simply float you’ll be carried along with the great mass and, despite those who think that it “takes a village,” there’s no real future in that.

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