Karl Marx, M.D.

For the most part, physicians are stuck in a Marxian world of reimbursement:  Pay is based upon the value of labor, whether measured in ASA units or wRVUs. It’s a mistake to assign value on the basis of input (labor) when the real measure is in the value of the output, whether seen as cure, […]

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RFP | Strategy

Weaponized RFPs

More and more hospitals are disrupting their longstanding hospital-based group relationships as they seek to cut stipends and get more for nothing.  The favored tool?  A “weaponized” form of the request for proposal, called a “Fulcrum RFP™, designed to get a group to grovel for the continuation of its contract. Of course, the concept of an […]

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How to Extract More Than Fair Market Value

Healthcare deal compliance, in terms of antikickback, Stark, and tax exempt entities, often turns on the propriety of the consideration paid. And that turns on the concept of fair market value, which is often neither fair nor indicative of value. That’s because fair market value is defined for those purposes in a fashion that ignores […]

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Hospital-Centric Healthcare

Self-Referral of Imaging Studies as Weapon

According to a report in the January issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology, a study reveals that the total amount of Medicare payments to non-radiologist physicians for non-invasive diagnostic imaging is greater than that paid to radiologists.  The reason:  self-referral within non-radiology practices. No real news as to the role of […]

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